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1.The name of the Organisation is “GAUTENG BOXING ORGANISATION" , also known by the acronym GABO.


2.1 To promote, foster and safeguard the interest and welfare of Open Style Boxing throughout Gauteng Province.

2.2 To control all recognised-affiliated Open Style Boxing bodies in Gauteng Province, which shall be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Organisation.

2.3 To affiliate to the National Body, SANABO. (South African National Amateur Boxing Organisation)

2.4 To control all Open Style Boxing tournaments of affiliated bodies in Gauteng Province by ensuring that they are held subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Constitution.

2.5 To facilitate Gauteng Championships annually and also, when necessary to facilitate trials for the selection of the teams. Furthermore, to assist, decide upon and make arrangements for visits of teams from and to other provinces in South Africa.

2.6 To raise funds to further the aims and objectives of the Organisation and to use its funds prudently.

2.7 To deal with any other matter affecting Open Style Boxing in Gauteng Province, to the best of its ability and in a manner which shall be conducive to the attainment of the objectives listed above.

2.8 To sanction, arrange, conduct Referees, Judges, Coaches, Administration Courses and to control the issuing of certificates to successful candidates at all levels or grades within the area of jurisdiction of the Organisation. 

2.9 To ensure that the policy of Non-Racialism is not only subscribed to but actively pursued by the Organisation and its affiliates and in this regard to guard against and oppose discrimination on the basis of colour, religion, sex or creed.



Words can't describe what boxing did to my child's confidence
Francois Landsberg

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